Thank you for your interest in my live paintings. Six years ago, a bride came to me and asked me to paint at her wedding. She told me she loved my style and was hoping I would be open to it, even though I had not done this. I had a lot of experience with plein air, and I felt it would go in line with that. Little did I know she introduced me to something that has turned into one of my favorite things to do.

Painting at a wedding is such a fun experience. I love meeting and talking with people. Painting to live music. Feeling the energy and joy. Most of all witnessing the love! It is an honor to capture a couple's wedding day. 

Ready to get started? Tell me about your event.

About Live Paintings

Please use this form to tell me about your special event. Don't forget to include the date and location.

To book, I take a 50% deposit and travel fees. The other half is paid around the actual wedding. The travel fee would include a flight/driving, and a hotel (depending on where the wedding is). It is paid with the deposit so I can go ahead and get the ticket booked. If it's better to do three installments, I can do that as well.

Once booking, we can work out the smaller details. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out! 

Please select from one of the following sizes. All paintings are oil paint on panel or canvas.

24x30- $2,000

30x30- $2,400

24x36- $2,400

30x40- $2,800

36x36- $2,800

The day of the wedding I can capture the reception (this is the most popular option I do) or if you would like the ceremony I can take photos of that and work from photo at the reception. I personally prefer the reception, as I love capturing the energy of the night.

If you would like the reception painting I would capture your first dance and abstract everyone dancing all around you. I would capture the room and decorations as well. I am always open to hearing your vision or ideas! I am starting to do timelapse videos of the painting process, so that is something you can have to watch and revisit. 

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