Thank you for your interest in commissioning a painting. You can contact me using the form below and we can talk about what you are wanting to have painted. I love to paint a wide variety of subjects; from people portraits, to dog portraits, wedding photos, landscapes, abstracts... you name it. I have an archive of previous commission images where you can view some examples of my work. When commissioning a piece, it helps if you can choose one or two that I have done so I can see the style you like.


I offer three types of commissioned pieces:

(1) Oil on panel (the most popular)

(2) Charcoal drawings (more affordable portraits and also good option for the neutral lovers)

(3) Encaustic and Oil - This is the process I use with layers of beeswax, demar resin, and oil paint. This specific type of commission would be based on references to previous encaustic work, or if you like the encaustic paintings I would suggest this for your custom piece. 

11x14- $450

12x12- $450

4x14- $600

14x18- $850

16x16- $850

16x20- $1,000

18x18- $1,000

18x24- $1,400

20x20- $1,400

20x24- $1,600

24x24- $1,800

24x30- $2,000

24x36- $2,200

30x40- $2,500

36x36- $2,500

9x12- $375

16x20- $550

22x30- $1,000

- If you are getting more than one painting/ portrait done, I will offer a special discount to you. This will be communicated during booking conversation. 

- If you are wanting more than one portrait done in a single painting, there is an extra charge of $100. This does not apply to more abstract portraits/painting.

-Prices above include shipping. There is no extra shipping charge. 

Inquire about Commissions


We will talk about what you are wanting to have painted. We will decide on a size and timeline. This would be the time to talk about previous paintings I have done that you love, and share any color choices you would like included. Some clients like to send photos of the room where the painting will hang so I can have a good visual of the space for extra inspiration. 

I take a 50% deposit to book your commission. I get the painting going once this is paid. 

I send you an image of the completed painting. Once you confirm it's everything you've wanted ,we move forward with the second half of payment and I ship to you. 

Visit The Archive for Commission Inspiration

Dog Portraits

People Portraits

Wedding and Engagement

Landscape and Animals